Why Amplify?

In order to create a great future for themselves, people from all walks of life have found that relying on education is crucial. Whether earning a degree opens up new career opportunities or college classes help increase critical thinking skills, knowledge truly is power in our modern world. The Amplify Education Project is ready to help your child get accepted into college and help them take advantage of future opportunities. 

What Amplify Education Does 

We understand how hard it can be for first-generation college applicants to get all the information and help they need to be able to attend college. We help with every step of the way to ensure each of the students we work with: 

  • Fills out all required paperwork
  • Creates a school list and decides where to apply
  • Applies for scholarships and financial aid
  • Gets tutoring for SAT entrance exams

Free College Application Services That Get Results

No matter what your current situation is, you have the chance to help your son or daughter get additional education. Our services are free and we have a 100 percent success rate. That’s right; all of the students we have assisted have been accepted into college. Never again be intimidated by the college application process and allow us to guide you and your student to a successful or better future. 

To learn more, begin the college application process, or donate, contact the Amplify Education Project today.